• Lisa Siti Zubaidah Universitas Wahidiyah


This study was aimed at describing the implementation of series of pictures activities and describing whether or not series of picturesactivities improve the students  speaking ability. This research consisted of  one cycle with each cycle consist of four elements; they are planning, acting, observing, and analysis and reflection. This study was implemented in SMP Wahidiyah Kediri at the Second  grade, using classroom action research. The writer took 39  students as the subject of the research.

In this research, the classroom action research (CAR) was done by the writer and the English teacher. The writer worked together collaboratively with the English teacher; the English teacher of SMP Wahidiyah Kediri taught English and the writer who took part in this research as collaborator to assist the  implementation of series of pictures  activities and to observe the outcomes. In this research, the writer collects the data using observation sheet to observe the students and teachers activities during the teaching learning process and achievement test to measure the students  speaking ability. The form of the test is pretest.

The results of the study showed that series of pictures activities can improve the students  speaking skill of class Second grade of  SMP Wahidiyah Kediri in the academic year 2015/2016. It was shown by the students  improvement in one cycle. The speaking ability achievement in the  observation was categorized sufficient, fair .in the first cycle and good . The students  average scores of speaking skill were in pre-test :10,25% in the post test (The cycle 1) ; 58,97%. And the research is success.